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Live cam at Brady’s Beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I1jomXPtco
Visit Bamfield: https://visitbamfield.ca/discover-bamfield/

Seaweed Artist: Maggie Chow
Title: Bamfield, Seaweed and Me
Size: 24”x24” print on canvas.

​I use nature as a metaphor in different social contexts. This print is a nature-inspired work of art. The seaweed pressing is delicately arranged to provide a dramatic looking ink/ watercolour drawing. 
We often think of seaweed in relation to food. In fact, Kelp and Seaweed are part of the ocean forest’s foundation species in temperate ocean ecosystems and contribute to carbon storage.

Pacific Seaweed
Callophyllis edentata
Callophyllis ( Greek= beautiful leaf ) 
Fifteen of the 61 species of Callophyllis are found in the Pacific Coast area. You are most likely to encounter C. edentata along the shoreline, and beneath the waves.

Callophyllis plants consist of a minute holdfast that expands abruptly into one or more vivid blood red to wine red flattened and variously divided blades. Blade edges can be smooth or scalloped ( wavy ), with the tips blunt and wide to narrow and sharp, and often irregularly notched.

Habitat & Distribution
Callophyllis edentata and C. crenulata are common in the low intertidal to shallow subtidal region and grow on rocks or occasionally other seaweeds. Other similar Callophyllis plants like heanophylla is found in the subtidal, rarely low intertidal, zone, where as C. flabellulata and C. schneideri are subtidal only; all three most often grow on invertebrates, coralline algae or kelp stipes. Species of Callophyllis are distributed from Alaska to Mexico.

Encrypted from Pacific Seaweed, A guide to common seaweeds of the West Coast. By Louis D. Druehl and Bridgette E. Clarkston. 2000